Park Plaza 605

Park Plaza 605

Bernard Knowles (1953)

U Certificate


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Tom Conway's long experience of playing sleuths shows to advantage in this fair British B-feature which tees off with the accidental death of a carrier pigeon. As the grandiloquently named private eye Norman Conquest, Conway can't resist courting danger on his day off by keeping a mysterious appointment with Eva Bartok's blonde diamond smuggler. Joy Shelton has the thankless role of the detective's wary girlfriend while there's offbeat casting of Sid James as a police superintendent and Richard Wattis as a villain.


The mastermind of a smuggling racket arranges to have a private eye framed for an unsolved murder. But she is forced to join forces with the detective when the real killer turns on her. Detective drama, starring Tom Conway and Eva Bartok.

Cast & Crew

Norman Conquest Tom Conway
Nadina Rodin Eva Bartok
Pixie Everard Joy Shelton
Supt Williams Sidney James
Theodore Feather Richard Wattis
Boris Roff Carl Jaffe
Gregor Anton Diffring
Baron Von Henschel Robert Adair
Director Bernard Knowles
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: B & A Prods LtdAvailable on: DVD