The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

James Whale (1933)

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Claude Rains is one of the most undervalued stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. It's ironic that a familiar face that few could identify should have made his name in a film in which he spends most of the action swathed in bandages or invisible. In truth, the success of this superb adaptation of HG Wells's novel is down to John P Fulton and John J Mescall's pioneering special effects and the eerie atmosphere conjured up by horror maestro James Whale. When playful pranks give way to megalomania and murder, the hidden dangers of Rains's miraculous concoction begin to take effect.


A mysterious, heavily bandaged stranger disrupts the quiet of a sleepy English village. He turns out to be a scientist who has found a way to make himself invisible - but the sense of power it gives him has driven him insane. James Whale's sci-fi drama, starring Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, William Harrigan and Una O'Connor.

Cast & Crew

Jack Griffin, the Invisible Man Claude Rains
Flora Cranley Gloria Stuart
Dr Kemp William Harrigan
Dr Cranley Henry Travers
Mrs Hall Una O'Connor
Chief of Detectives Dudley Digges
Mr Hall Forrester Harvey
Chief of Police Holmes Herbert
Jaffers E E Clive
Insp Bird Harry Stubbs
Insp Lane Donald Stuart
Milly Merle Tottenham
Director James Whale
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