They Can't Hang Me

They Can't Hang Me

Val Guest (1955)

A Certificate


Our Score
Capital punishment was still legal and looms large in this minor Cold War thriller directed by Val Guest from a novel by Leonard Mosley. The themes of atomic secrets and double agents may have lost some of their resonance, but Guest puts a neat (if downbeat) spin on events by having condemned killer André Morell strike a death row deal with cop Terence Morgan to deliver a treacherous scientist in return for leniency. Naturally, things don't go according to plan. The back-up cast is as solid as a rock, with Guest's wife Yolande Donlan putting in an effective appearance.

Cast & Crew

Inspector Brown Terence Morgan
Jill Yolande Donlan
Robert Pitt André Morell
Antonia Pitt Ursula Howells
Newcome Anthony Oliver
Harold Reginald Beckwith
Piotr Revsky Guido Lorraine
Riddle Basil Dignam
Director Val Guest
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white