The Mummy

The Mummy

Karl Freund (1932)

PG Certificate
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Boris Karloff's next film after Frankenstein shows what an intensely subtle actor he was compared with the walking-dead performances of the supporting cast. He plays the ancient Egyptian Im-Ho-Tep, who has been buried alive for trying to restore life to his beloved princess. Brought back to life in the present day, he pursues his lost love, believing her to be reincarnated as the fiancée of a member of an archaeological expedition. Master photographer Karl Freund directs without shock tactics - apart from the burying alive scene - but with images of death and decay worthy of Edgar Allan Poe. However, Freund is no James Whale and this particular Universal horror lacks the brilliant touches of the Karloff Frankenstein films.


A 3,700-year-old Egyptian priest returns from the dead to woo the reincarnation of his former lover and exact revenge on the archaeologists who awakened him from his millennia-long sleep. Horror, starring Boris Karloff, David Manners, Arthur Byron, Zita Johann and Edward Van Sloan.

Cast & Crew

Imhotep / Ardeth Bey Boris Karloff
Helen Grosvenor / Princess Ankh-es-en-Amon Zita Johann
Frank Whemple David Manners
Sir Joseph Whemple Arthur Byron
Doctor Muller Edward Van Sloan
Ralph Norton Bramwell Fletcher
The Nubian Noble Johnson
Frau Muller Kathryn Byron
Professor Pearson Leonard Mudie
The Pharoah James Crane
The Saxon warrior / Marion Henry Victor
Knight Arnold Gray
Inspector Tony Marlow
Doctor Eddie Kane
Director Karl Freund
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