Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson (2012)

12A Certificate


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In this typically oddball tale from director Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums), two troubled 12-year-olds retreat to nature and grapple with their primal instincts. Jared Gilman is suitably precocious as orphaned boy scout Sam, who escapes from his tent (Shawshank Redemption-style) to run away with bookish but rebellious girlfriend Suzy (Kara Hayward). They're tracked by Sam's scout peers and various concerned grown-ups, including an antsy but dedicated scoutmaster (Edward Norton), a stoic local cop (Bruce Willis) and Suzy's self-absorbed parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand). Tilda Swinton also features, playing an amusingly brittle social worker. Anderson's familiar mannered approach ensures plenty of laughs, but it also means his stabs at pathos miss the mark. This is a joyously silly, sweet and very cerebral coming-of-age yarn, but it never touches the heart.


A boy at a scout camp on an island falls in love with the daughter of a local family, and they run away together. The search for the missing children throws the peaceful community into an uproar, leaving various adults troubled by their own lost innocence. Wes Anderson's comedy drama, with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Frances McDormand.

Cast & Crew

Scout Master Ward Edward Norton
Captain Sharp Bruce Willis
Walt Bishop Bill Murray
Commander Pierce Harvey Keitel
Social Services Tilda Swinton
Laura Bishop Frances McDormand
Cousin Ben Jason Schwartzman
Suzy Bishop Kara Hayward
Sam Shakusky Jared Gilman
Narrator Bob Balaban
Director Wes Anderson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Some violence, swearingAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 25 May 2012
Drama Comedy