Metallica: Through the Never

Metallica: Through the Never

Nimrod Antal (2013)

15 Certificate


Our Score
As Metallica play to a packed house, young roadie Trip (Dane DeHaan) goes on a perilous, dreamlike journey trying to retrieve a mysterious leather satchel. Breathtaking concert footage will make this a must-see for any fan of the band, cycling through hits with all the confidence you would expect of rock stars with several decades' experience at the top. The story that weaves in and out of their show is harder to grasp - an odd, near silent tear through riotous city streets that looks good but doesn't really lead anywhere. Still, you're never far from another electric performance from the band, making the film more of an immersive experience than a narrative journey. A sheer delight for fans, Through the Never is a refreshing take on the concert movie, with enough polish and invention to overcome it's more surreal qualities.


Premiere. A roadie working for the heavy metal band is sent to retrieve a package from a broken-down tour bus during a gig. The simple errand turns into a surreal adventure when he is hunted through the night by a mysterious horseman. Thriller, starring Dane DeHaan and Kyle Thomson, featuring footage of Metallica in concert.

Cast & Crew

Trip Dane DeHaan
James Hetfield James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett Kirk Hammett
Robert Trujillo Robert Trujillo
Director Nimrod Antal
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneGuidance: SwearingAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 4 Oct 2013
Drama Music