David Wickes (1976)

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Our Score
It's not in the same manor as the legendary TV series, but this spin-off is a reasonable reminder of what made John Thaw and Dennis Waterman - as Regan and Carter - the icons of 1970s law enforcement. Screenwriter Ranald Graham's unfamiliarity with the characters occasionally brings the action to a screeching halt. However, he cranks out a typically abrasive plot, which sees the boys investigating a suicide and finding themselves knee-deep in vice, blackmail and corruption. Thaw and Waterman are solid as rocks, although the guests brought in to give the project class (including Ian Bannen, Colin Welland and Barry Foster) try a little too hard.


Rough-and-ready Flying Squad officers Regan and Carter uncover a top-level conspiracy against the British government while investigating a routine case - and land up to their necks in danger and intrigue. Crime thriller based on the 1970s TV series, starring John Thaw, Dennis Waterman and Barry Foster.

Cast & Crew

Detective Inspector Regan John Thaw
Detective Sergeant Carter Dennis Waterman
McQueen Barry Foster
Baker Ian Bannen
Chadwick Colin Welland
Bianca Diane Keen
Johnson Michael Coles
Brent Joe Melia
Mac Brian Glover
Janice Lynda Bellingham
Director David Wickes
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: EMI DistsGuidance: May be edited for language, violence.and nudity. Available on: video and DVD