Storm Catcher

Storm Catcher

Anthony Hickox (1999)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Faced with a minuscule budget, a few feet of stock aerial footage and a script with dialogue that amounts to an aural assault, director Anthony Hickox has done well to produce a film that's only as bad as this one. Dolph Lundgren is OK as the ace pilot who has to recover a top-secret plane that only he and colleague John Pennell can fly. But the supporting performances range from the rank (Kylie Bax as Lundgren's wife) to the ranting (family friend Mystro Clark and nasty superior Robert Miano), while the gimmicky action sequences only emphasise the picture's poverty.


Conspirators within the US military plan to use an experimental aircraft to bomb Washington, DC - but only one man, an air-force fighter pilot, is able to fly it. To secure his co-operation, they frame him for murder and the theft of the plane - and then kidnap his daughter, threatening to kill her unless he carries out their mission. Action thriller, with Dolph Lundgren, Mystro Clark and John Pennell.

Cast & Crew

Major Jack Holloway Dolph Lundgren
Sparks Mystro Clark
Captain Lucas Jon Pennell
General Jacob Robert Miano
Nicole Yvonne Zima
Jessica Holloway Kylie Bax
Director Anthony Hickox
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD