John Derek (1984)



Our Score
One of the funniest bad movies ever made. Virginal heiress Bo Derek goes to the Sahara desert and Spain in search of pure sexual ecstasy, and ends up making love with a sheik and a bullfighter. Set in the 1920s for no apparent reason, director John Derek's anti-erotic valentine to his wife is packed with hilariously awful encounters that are further undermined by insipid dialogue. See Bo ride a horse naked! See Bo writhe passionately in front of a red neon sign spelling out the film's title! See Bo covered in honey and licked clean in slow motion! See how badly a film goes wrong when a besotted husband thinks the world is ready for a Bo-peep tribute to a wife who may have a great body, but is one lousy actress! Tasteless, tortuous and terrifically trashy.

Cast & Crew

Ayre McGillvary Bo Derek
Cotton George Kennedy
Angel Contreras Andrea Occhipinti
Catalina Ana Obregon
Sheik Greg Bensen
Paloma Olivia D'Abo
Robert Stewart Ian Cochrane
Evita Mirta Miller
Director John Derek
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video