The Big Blockade

The Big Blockade

Charles Frend (1942)

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Initially conceived as a propaganda short for the Ministry of Information, this Ealing flag-waver sought to emphasise the importance of winning the economic war while Europe remained occupied. Adopting the docudramatic style that would be the prime legacy of British wartime cinema, Charles Frend expounds his message efficiently enough. However, Robert Morley and his fellow Nazis are embarrassing caricatures to set alongside the committed gravitas of Michael Redgrave's Russian and the dignified heroism of Michael Rennie and John Mills. The night raid is well staged, however, and the casting of Will Hay as a boat captain is a nice touch.


Second World War mock-documentary, featuring a series of scenes about the importance of Britain's economic blockade on Germany, demonstrating the international repercussions of the action and the responses of the British public. Starring Leslie Banks, Michael Redgrave, John Mills, Will Hay and Robert Morley.

Cast & Crew

Skipper, Royal Navy Will Hay
Mate, Royal Navy Bernard Miles
Naval officer, Royal Navy John Stuart
David, Royal Air Force David Evans (7)
Royal Air Force man Peter De Greeff
Tom, Royal Air Force John Mills
George, Royal Air Force Michael Rennie
Taylor, civil service Leslie Banks
Dock official, civil service Morland Graham
von Geiselbrecht Robert Morley
Captain Michael Wilding
Waitress Thora Hird
Russian Michael Redgrave
Director Charles Frend
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Comedy