Norberto Barba (1996)

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A pumped-up Mario Van Peebles plays a cyber-soldier who refuses to kill innocent Latin American villagers and becomes their friend instead, in this derivative but amiable sci-fi action thriller. You'll recognise themes, scenes and characters from dozens of other movies - particularly Terminator 2 - but Van Peebles isn't bad as a low-budget Arnie and the film has much less violence and more heart than you would expect. That said, there are too many moments of unintentional comedy caused by the ropey macho dialogue and the hammy performances of bad guys William Sadler and Barry Corbin.


The American government develops an android killing machine to crush an uprising in Latin America. However, having designed it to think for himself, the robot's creators are horrified when it begins to question the morality of its mission. Fleeing an attempt to be reprogrammed by his creators, the killing machine tracks down the rebels it was created to wipe out, and offers to help their cause. Sci-fi thriller, starring Mario Van Peebles, William Sadler and Adrien Brody.

Cast & Crew

Solo Mario Van Peebles
General Clyde Haynes Barry Corbin
Colonel Madden William Sadler
Lorenzo Jaime Gomez
Bill Stewart Adrien Brody
Rio Demian Bichir
Agela Seidy Lopez
Miguel Abraham Verduzco
Director Norberto Barba
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Contains strong language, violence and brief nudity. Available on: video and DVD