Daniel Mann (1978)



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Screen version of the Paul Gallico book, about a boxing kangaroo and the small-time theatrical agent who becomes the marsupial's manager. The budget obviously didn't stretch to special effects, so the kangaroo is played by a man in a costume. This cute comedy looks a little dated these days, but kids might want to hop along to see it. Grown-ups, though, could well roo the encounter. Elliott Gould and Robert Mitchum head the humans, while Gary Morgan is the guy in the suit.


A down-on-his-luck agent thinks his showbiz career is over, until he stumbles across a kangaroo with a talent for boxing, and spies his chance to get back in the big time. Family comedy, starring Elliott Gould, Robert Mitchum and Karen Carlson.

Cast & Crew

Bernie Bonnelli Elliott Gould
Duke Parkhurst Robert Mitchum
Uncle Nono Harry Guardino
Billy Baker / Narration Clive Revill
Pinky Schwab Lionel Stander
Kathleen Smith Karen Carlson
TBC Gary Morgan
Director Daniel Mann
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video