Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms

Simon Wells (2011)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Mars may need moms, but does Earth need this movie? Because, by Disney's high standards, this animated sci-fi comedy is charmless and distinctly average. Also, its message is strangely at odds with what you'd expect from the House of Mouse. Be so out of control that your mom can't cope, it says, and you're fine. Be mildly naughty and easily reined in, and your disciplinarian mom may well get whipped away to Mars to "control" mini-Martians. Mars, you see, is a loveless place of non-maternal women and puny, waste-of-space men. Toss into the motion-captured, 3D mix Earth kid Milo (Seth Green) who wants his mom (Joan Cusack) back, a couple of cute robo-bots and an "astronut" buddy who's creepy, but not in a good way, and you have an OK piece of kids' entertainment. Certainly not a film that is likely to be added to the pantheon of platinum Disney classics.


A nine-year-old boy sees a spacecraft land and kidnap his mother. He stows away on board as the ship travels back to the aliens' Mars homeland. As he tries to rescue her, he learns the Martians have taken her because they need Earth mothers to raise their own children. Animated sci-fi adventure, with the voices of Seth Robert Dusky, Dan Fogler and Joan Cusack.

Cast & Crew

Milo Seth Green
Mom Joan Cusack
Ki Elisabeth Harnois
Gribble Dan Fogler
The supervisor Mindy Sterling
Wingnut Kevin Cahoon
Dad Tom Everett Scott
Spangro Breckin Meyer
Myzic Billy Dee Williams
Hatchling Ryan Ochoa
Director Simon Wells
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Walt DisneyAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 8 Apr 2011
Drama Children's