Sherlock Junior

Sherlock Junior

Buster Keaton (1924)

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One of Buster Keaton's finest comedies, certainly his most inventive and technically audacious. He plays an amateur detective and cinema projectionist who dreams himself into the movie he is showing and, hopefully, into the arms of the girl he loves. As early as 1924 Keaton recognised the cinema's role in society as fantasy, as escapism, and constructed an entire film about it. The result is richly romantic and oddly educational: audiences were shown all the tricks of the trade, notably editing, back projection and other special effects. But mostly it works as a brilliant comedy, full of the clever bits of business and ambitious stunts one associates with Keaton.

Cast & Crew

Projectionist Buster Keaton
His fiancée Kathryn McGuire
Her father Joe Keaton
Rival Ward Crane
Handyman / butler Erwin Connelly
Director Buster Keaton
Director Roscoe Arbuckle
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Other Information

Black and whiteTheatrical distributor: Jury's Imperial Pictures Ltd.Available on: video and DVD