Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

Paul Rotha (1958)

PG Certificate


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Adapted from a novel by Michael Halliday, this claustrophobic thriller denies documentary director Paul Rotha the chance to demonstrate his facility with realism. Yet he still manages to generate a fair amount of suspense as Ann Sears finds herself caught between an American army deserter and the villains searching for the diamonds stolen by her recently executed father. With Hilton Edwards and Lee Paterson suitably imposing as her pursuers, and Victor Maddern dourly dogged as the cop investigating both her kidnapping and a top-secret political conspiracy, this is vastly superior to the majority of British B-movies made at the time.


A woman is pursued by villains who are after the gems her late father stole. If that was not enough, a US Army deserter is determined to frame her for murder. Thriller, starring Ann Sears, Lee Patterson, Victor Maddern and Hilton Edwards.

Cast & Crew

Rod Fenner Lee Patterson
Ann Coltby Ann Sears
Mr Scruby Hilton Edwards
Superintendent Harding Victor Maddern
Dealer George Rose
Mr Pomeroy Roddy McMillan
Director Paul Rotha
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Assoc. London Films LtdAvailable on: DVD