Laxdale Hall

Laxdale Hall

John Eldridge (1953)

U Certificate


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The huge success of director Alexander Mackendrick's Whisky Galore! meant it was inevitable that film-makers would cast around for more stories of wily Scots running rings around the stiff-necked English. However, lightning didn't strike twice and this tale of the battle between Whitehall and a tiny Hebridean island, whose inhabitants won't pay a hated road tax, lacks the magic sparkle of Mackendrick's classic. Look out for Fulton Mackay of TV sitcom Porridge fame in an early role.


A parliamentary delegation is dispatched from London to the Scottish Highlands, where a community is protesting at its poor transport links. After a few days of interesting meetings, the visitors begin to fully appreciate the locals' lifestyle. Romantic comedy, starring Ronald Squire and Kathleen Ryan.

Cast & Crew

General Matheson Ronald Squire
Catriona Matheson Kathleen Ryan
Samuel Pettigrew MP Raymond Huntley
Hugh Marvell MP Sebastian Shaw
Andrew Flett Fulton Mackay
Lucy Pettigrew Jean Colin
Roderick McLeod Jameson Clark
Morag McLeod Prunella Scales
Director John Eldridge
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Group 3 LtdAvailable on: DVD
Comedy Drama