Born Too Soon

Born Too Soon

Noel Nosseck (1993)

15 Certificate


Our Score
It's amazing what a shrewd piece of casting can do for even the most mundane material. This true-life TV movie is raised several notches above the norm by the assured performances of Michael Moriarty and Pamela Reed as a couple of 40-something careerists who are willing to sacrifice everything they have worked for to save their premature baby daughter. Admittedly, the film occasionally resorts to a shameless tug at the heartstrings, but it also has some interesting things to say about the motivations of people who have encountered nothing but success.


Drama based on a true story, chronicling the dilemma facing the parents of a baby who was born alarmingly premature. Starring Pamela Reed, Michael Moriarty, Terry O'Quinn and Joanna Gleason.

Cast & Crew

Fox Butterfield Michael Moriarty
Elizabeth Mehren Pamela Reed
Dr Friedman Terry O'Quinn
Annemarie Joanna Gleason
Leslie Mariangela Pino
Tina Elizabeth Ruscio
Carol Christianne Hirt
Mrs Diaz Christine Avila
Dr Wolf Jay Brazeau
Tom Dennis Redfield
Sarah Kimberly Warnat
Director Noel Nosseck
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited. Available on: video