Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss

John G Blystone (1938)

U Certificate


Our Score
Even the staunchest Laurel and Hardy fan won't eulogise this middling outing, in which their failed mousetrap salesmen become involved with a composer and his opera-singing wife. However, the film still contains a couple of classic sequences, most notably Stan's attempt to trick a St Bernard dog into letting him at its brandy keg and Ollie singing Let Me Call You Sweetheart to Stan's sousaphone accompaniment. There's even a surreal reprise of The Music Box " scenario, which culminates in them being chased over a rope bridge by a gorilla, and a charming gag involving a vast pipe organ and some bursting bubbles.

Cast & Crew

Stan Stan Laurel
Ollie Oliver Hardy
Anna Hoeful Albert Della Lind
Victor Albert Walter Woolf King
Edward Eric Blore
Director John G Blystone
Director Hal Roach
Director S S Van Keuren
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-MayerAvailable on: video