Brother John

Brother John

James Goldstone (1970)

AA Certificate


Our Score
The title role is so admirably suited to the saintly-looking Sidney Poitier, it's almost a cliché in itself. A black man returns to his Alabama home town to see if racial tensions have eased. It turns out he's an angel who's recording it all for the heavenly host. As a fantasy it's pleasant enough, but James Goldstone's film could have been been much more searching in its implications.


A mysterious, well-travelled man (Sidney Poitier) with extraordinary knowledge of the past, present and future returns to his hometown of Alabama just before his sister's death. With a watchful eye, he observes the behaviour of all he comes in contact with. Shocked by the racism, prejudice and social injustice he witnesses, the man becomes disillusioned with the future of mankind.

Cast & Crew

John Kane Sidney Poitier
Doc Thomas Will Geer
Lloyd Thomas Bradford Dillman
Louisa MacGill Beverly Todd
Orly Ball Ramon Bieri
George Warren Kemmerling
Charley Gray Lincoln Kilpatrick
Reverend MacGill P Jay Sidney
Director James Goldstone
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd