Esther Waters

Esther Waters

Ian Dalrymple (1948)

A Certificate


Our Score
George Moore's source novel was strongly influenced by the naturalism of Emile Zola, but there is little of the earthiness of the original in this tawdry adaptation, which rapidly plunges between the two stools of heritage production and sensationalist melodrama. Dirk Bogarde is suitably scurrilous as a rascally footman, but the action slows fatally when he is off screen, with Kathleen Ryan in the title role facing all her trials (single motherhood, the workhouse and Bogarde's drinking) with sulkiness rather than dignity and determination. The horse-racing scenes are efficiently presented, but Ian Dalrymple and Peter Proud direct with heavy hands.

Cast & Crew

Esther Waters Kathleen Ryan
William Latch Dirk Bogarde
Fred Parsons Cyril Cusack
Randal Ivor Barnard
Mrs Barfield Fay Compton
Sarah Tucker Margaret Diamond
Journeyman George "Gabby" Hayes
Ketley Morland Graham
Mrs Latch Mary Clare
Hospital nurse Pauline Jameson
Margaret Gale Shelagh Fraser
Grover Margaret Withers
Director Ian Dalrymple
Director Peter Proud
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: video and DVD