Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen (2011)

12A Certificate


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A Hollywood hack struggling with his first novel finds magical inspiration in the French capital in this whimsical time-travelling comedy from Woody Allen. Owen Wilson is unexpected casting in the central role, yet proves utterly delightful as the befuddled scribe who can't quite confess to his shrewish fiancée (Rachel McAdams) he's been zapping back to the 1920s to spend his evenings with Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald - Americans in Paris during a more gilded age. With alluring artist's muse Marion Cotillard giving Wilson cause to ponder a permanent move to the past, the story weaves culturally savvy laughter with romantic yearning, all the while affectionately questioning whether it really would have been more fulfilling to live in an era when true artistic giants walked among us. Yes, it helps to know the literary and painterly references, but Allen's deliciously dotty plot construction ensures that seriousness never takes over. Indeed, right from the gorgeous opening montage of Paris street scenes, this is the most sustained and purely enjoyable movie he's made in 15 years. Bravo, monsieur Woody!


Struggling American screenwriter Gil visits Paris with his fiancee and her family, who seem unimpressed with the French capital's rich artistic history. Opting to leave them to their high society soirees, Gil instead spends his nights treading the streets alone, and ends up wandering into the city's Bohemian past, where he encounters the likes of Salvadore Dali, F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, Ernest Hemingway and legendary publisher Gertrude Stein. Woody Allen's Oscar-winning fantasy comedy, with Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen.

Cast & Crew

Gil Owen Wilson
Adriana Marion Cotillard
Inez Rachel McAdams
Paul Michael Sheen
Gert Kathy Bates
Mr Fitzgerald Tom Hiddleston
Salvador Adrien Brody
Museum guide Carla Bruni
Ernest Corey Stoll
John Kurt Fuller
Helen Mimi Kennedy
Gabrielle Léa Seydoux
Ms Fitzgerald Alison Pill
Director Woody Allen
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 7 Oct 2011
Comedy Drama