Fury at Smugglers Bay

Fury at Smugglers Bay

John Gilling (1961)

U Certificate


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Any tale of Cornish piracy is bound to invite comparisons with Alfred Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn. But this does a minor disservice to writer/director John Gilling's rumbustious yarn, in which squire Peter Cushing and his gung-ho son, John Fraser, take on Bernard Lee and his band of smuggling cut-throats. As Cushing suggested in his memoirs, this 1790s adventure is tantamount to an English western, with a saloon brawl, sword-wielding showdowns and a last-minute rescue. However, the peripheral characters are more subtly shaded, with Miles Malleson's comic nobleman and George Coulouris's abused outsider being particularly well realised.


The squire of a small Cornish community has always turned a blind eye to smuggling, until wreckers turn up in the area to lure ships onto the rocks and steal their cargo. Knowing some villagers are handling stolen goods, he comes down hard on wreckers and smugglers alike, enlisting the military to deal with the problem - but the villagers rebel, and turn to an infamous highwayman to defend them. Adventure, with Peter Cushing, John Fraser and Bernard Lee.

Cast & Crew

Chris Trevenyan John Fraser
Squire Trevenyan Peter Cushing
Black John Bernard Lee
Jenny Trevenyan June Thorburn
Louise Lejeune Michèle Mercier
"The Captain" William Franklyn
François Lejeune George Coulouris
Betty Liz Fraser
Duke of Avon Miles Malleson
Director John Gilling
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Regal Films InternationalAvailable on: DVD