Master of the House

Master of the House

Carl Th Dreyer (1925)



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Still considered among the early works of Danish director Carl Dreyer, this domestic tragicomedy with a feminist slant was his seventh feature and anticipates his greatest films. The deceptively simple story tells of a husband whose disregard for his wife's feelings causes her to become ill. When she is sent away to recuperate, his old nanny moves in and teaches him to mend his ways. In order to add a dimension of reality, Dreyer filmed it in an exact replica of a real two-roomed flat built in a studio, using its limitations to his advantage. A film of close-ups and gestures, it contains a wonderful performance from Mathilde Nielsen as the nanny.

Cast & Crew

Victor Frandsen Johannes Meyer
Ida, his wife Astrid Holm
Karen Frandsen Karin Nellemose
Alvilda Kryger Clara Schonfeld
Mads Mathilde Nielsen
Doctor Johannes Nielsen
Mrs Hansen, washerman Petrine Sonne
Director Carl Th Dreyer
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Black and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD