Tall in the Saddle

Tall in the Saddle

Edwin L Marin (1944)

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Fri 27 Dec 5:05pm - 6pm Sony Movies Action
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Fri 27 Dec, 6:05pm - 6:55pm Sony Movies Action


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If ever there was a title made for Big John Wayne, this is it. However, the Duke barely gets a look-in, as in reality it's more of a vehicle for his tempestuous co-star Ella Raines, who goes gunning for the Duke in order to woo him. George "Gabby" Hayes is in there, too, in a complex plot in which Wayne is framed for murder as he discovers Ward Bond's crooked plans to steal Audrey Long's ranch. But none of this matters, really. Edwin L Marin's direction is fast-moving, there are two terrific fist fights, and, for those of you who wondered exactly what Wayne got up to during the Second World War, this will answer your question. Incidentally, the screenplay is co-written by Paul P Fix, more usually an actor who often worked with the Duke, most notably in 1967's El Dorado, and who appears here as a gunman.


A chauvinistic cowboy arrives at a ranch looking for a job, but is appalled to discover the property is being run by a woman. Nevertheless, he reluctantly agrees to help the owner prove the property is legally hers, but makes a few enemies along the way and ends up framed for murder. Western, starring John Wayne and Ella Raines.

Cast & Crew

Rocklin John Wayne
Arly Harolday Ella Raines
Robert Garvey Ward Bond
Clara Cardell Audrey Long
Miss Elizabeth Martin Elizabeth Ridson
Harolday Don Douglas
Bob Clews Paul Fix
Clint Harolday Russell Wade
Director Edwin L Marin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: R.K.O. Radio Pictures LtdAvailable on: video