Sniper 2

Sniper 2

Craig R Baxley (2002)

15 Certificate
Sat 15 May 2:35am - 4am Sony Movies Action
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A decade after he and Billy Zane assassinated a Panamanian rebel leader, Tom Berenger's flint-hard marine is brought out of retirement to pick off a Serbian maverick who is no longer useful to the CIA. Director Craig R Baxley's formulaic action thriller follows the original pretty closely, with Berenger this time having his back covered by Bokeem Woodbine, who has been plucked from death row with the promise of a pardon if he undertakes what his handlers half-hope will be a suicide mission. This is unpleasant stuff that depicts the Balkans as a playground for big boys and their toys, and Berenger's charisma is again wasted on an overplotted, derivative movie.


A former Marine sniper and his trigger-happy partner, a death row inmate with a chance of earning his freedom, are forced to return to the fray to dispose of a Serbian renegade general responsible for a massacre. However, events take a bizarre turn, and the pair find themselves embroiled in a dangerous government mission. Thriller, starring Tom Berenger, Dan Butler and Bokeem Woodbine.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Beckett Tom Berenger
Cole Bokeem Woodbine
Sophia Erika Marozsan
McKenna Linden Ashby
Eckles Dan Butler
Pavel Tamas Puskas
Captain Marks Can Togay
Vojislav Barna Illyes
Director Craig R Baxley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD