The Last 5 Years

The Last 5 Years

Richard LaGravenese (2014)

12A Certificate


Our Score
Based on an off-Broadway musical, this three-tissue tear-jerker traces the rise and fall of the relationship between a struggling actress (Anna Kendrick) and her novelist lover (Jeremy Jordan, who made a name for himself in musical theatre). What distinguishes the film, apart from the perky performances of its two leads, is that it's almost entirely dialogue-free. Almost everything is sung, with Jordan's songs looking ahead in the relationship, and Kendrick's songs looking back on it. The film cuts back and forth between the two perspectives, which eventually meet in the middle with a marriage proposal. We know Kendrick can sing from her work in Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods. She confirms it here. And Jordan's musical skills are equally evident. The tangled timeframes cause some confusion, as to who's doing what, when. But, even if this doesn't go down in cinema history as a great musical, it's certainly well worth a watch and a listen.


A married couple who have split up look back over the five years of their relationship. The wife, a struggling actress, begins at their break-up and looks back over what went wrong, while the husband, a successful novelist goes back to their initial courtship. Romantic musical based on the stage play, starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.

Cast & Crew

Cathy Hyatt Anna Kendrick
Jamie Wellerstein Jeremy Jordan
Alise Michaels Natalie Knepp
Danica Schwartz Tamara Mintz
Erica Weiss Cassandra Inman
Handelman twin Kate Meltzer
Handelman twin Emma Meltzer
Heather Greenblatt Bettina Bresnan
Annie Mincus Charly Bivona
Karen Pincus Alex Stebbins
Director Richard LaGravenese
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: IconGuidance: SwearingAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 17 Apr 2015
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