Derek Lee (2013)

15 Certificate


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Slick, clever, low-budget horror can be quite rare, so the feature debut of co-directors (and co-stars) Derek Lee and Clif Prowse is a real breath of fresh air. OK, the tale of two buddies going on a world tour filmed for posterity trades on familiar "found footage" territory, but at least it's not murky and jerky; it actually looks good. It helps that Lee and Prowse have been friends since they were young, as their buddy-buddy chemistry feels natural and authentic. So when Derek is found battered and bloodied after a one-night stand in Paris, and later experiences disturbing side effects (vomiting, fever, aversion to light), you really buy into Clif's concern for his best mate. However, when Derek literally starts climbing the walls (never mind punching holes through them), you might be forgiven for thinking the first-time directors are out to emulate 2012 hit Chronicle - the one in which teens gain superpowers. Suffice to say, events instead take a sinister, gory turn into the frightening, and involve some quite breathtaking effects and shocking POV sequences. It may not be on a par with Chronicle, but stick with it, Afflicted is one hell of a ride.


A trip of a lifetime takes a dark turn for two friends when one of them is struck by a mysterious illness. Horror thriller, starring Clif Prowse, Derek Lee and Michael Gill.

Cast & Crew

Derek Derek Lee
Clif Clif Prowse
Audrey Baya Rehaz
Maurice Benjamin Zeitoun
Michael Gill Michael Gill
Director Derek Lee
Director Clif Prowse
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Other Information

Language: English / French / ItalianColourGuidance: Violence, swearingAvailable on: DVD