Niall Heery (2014)

15 Certificate


Our Score
This Irish family drama aims to capture some of the quirky charm of 2007 indie hit Juno, right down to the crayon-scrawly title font, but sadly it misses its target on almost all counts. Maisie Williams is feisty enough as Abbie, a school cross-country champ whose life is turned upside down when her shambolic father (David Wilmot) reappears after a ten-year absence, much to the disgust of her mother's new husband, PE teacher Frank (James Nesbitt). Wilmot relies on a misplaced confidence in his own shambling charm while Nesbitt hardly breaks a sweat as the buttoned-up coach. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast wander through the featherweight screenplay on autopilot. And things aren't helped by a couple of highly implausible plot turns (a hopeful star athlete ignorant of the existence of drugs tests, really?) and a laughably convenient case of that old daytime soap stalwart, amnesia. Meanwhile Niall Heery's direction is workmanlike at best. Sadly, this Gold is anything but glittering.


A man is forced to return to his home town after 12 years away at the insistence of his dying father. When he left, he abandoned his daughter after her mother broke up with him, and wishes to make amends so the girl can meet her grandfather before it is too late. He is not prepared to discover his ex is now living with his former PE teacher. Comedy drama, starring David Wilmot, Maisie Williams and James Nesbitt.

Cast & Crew

Frank James Nesbitt
Ray David Wilmot
Alice Kerry Condon
Abbie Maisie Williams
Gerry Steven Mackintosh
Rosie Ashley McGuire
Devon Patrick Gibson
Kenny Martin Maloney
Karen Lucy Byrne
Stuart Donal Haughey
Dawn Aela O'Flynn
Director Niall Heery
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Vertigo FilmsGuidance: Swearing, a sex scene.Released on: 10 Oct 2014
Drama Comedy