Peter Sasdy (1972)

A Certificate


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A spin-off from the modish ecological BBC TV series - a more fact-based version of The X-Files - this mystery thriller crash-landed unhappily in the swamp of horror instead of on the firmer ground of science fact or fiction. John Paul, Ian Bannen and Judy Geeson look suitably intense as an investigation into the effects of a sunken oil tanker on the inhabitants of an island off the Cornish coast uncovers something nastily mutated in the biological woodshed. It's risibly alarmist, certainly, but the environmental dangers it pinpoints are only too topical.


A scientist is sent to an island off the Cornish coast to investigate pollution. What he discovers is far more terrifying - a chemical that has been dumped in the water is causing the islanders to develops strange mutations. Sci-fi thriller, starring Ian Bannen and Judy Geeson.

Cast & Crew

Dr Del Shaw Ian Bannen
Victoria Brown Judy Geeson
Dr Quist John Paul
Dr Ridge Simon Oates
Admiral George Sanders
Hartwell Percy Herbert
Sir Henry Layton Geoffrey Keen
Vicar Joseph O'Conor
Mrs Straker Shelagh Fraser
Dr Fay Chantry Jean Trend
Bradley Joby Blanshard
Ferry skipper George Woodbridge
Brian Murray Brian Anthony
Mrs Murray Rita Davies
Bob Gillette James Cosmo
Tom Straker Michael Brennan
Brewer Norman Bird
Miss Johnson Constance Chapman
Director Peter Sasdy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Tigon Pictures Ltd.Guidance: Contains some swearing.Available on: video and DVD