The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers

Alexander Mackendrick (1955)

U Certificate


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A supreme blend of the seedy and the sinister, this was Ealing's last post on the comedy front - indeed, the studio was shutting up shop as this film went on release. Directed by a mischievous Alexander Mackendrick, it has a gang of ruthless thugs being stymied by a dotty innocent (the fabulous Katie Johnson as their landlady). This is British comedy at its best, with eccentric characters never for a second seeming out of place in the most everyday locations. Alec Guinness and his minions (among them Herbert Lom and Peter Sellers) are a marvellous collection of misfits, but they lose every scene to the Bafta-winning Johnson.


A criminal mastermind and his gang come up with a cunning scheme to steal a fortune, but their plan is threatened by the unsuspecting elderly landlady of the boarding house they are staying in. They decide to dispose of her, which proves easier said than done. Classic Ealing comedy, with Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Katie Johnson, Cecil Parker, Danny Green and Jack Warner.

Cast & Crew

Professor Marcus Alec Guinness
Major Courtney Cecil Parker
Louis Herbert Lom
Harry Peter Sellers
One-Round Danny Green
Mrs Wilberforce Katie Johnson
Police superintendent Jack Warner
Police sergeant Philip Stainton
Barrow boy Frankie Howerd
Cab driver Kenneth Connor
Lettice Edie Martin
Detective Jack Melford
Director Alexander Mackendrick
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Optimum ReleasingAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 9 Aug 2002
Comedy Drama