The Land Before Time

The Land before Time

Don Bluth (1988)

U Certificate


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If your little dinosaur lovers are still a bit young for Jurassic Park, then this charming cartoon should have them in raptures. Directed by Don Bluth, it's essentially a prehistoric reworking of his own An American Tail, with a displaced young apatosaurus called Littlefoot and his four dino-tot companions setting out across a strange and dangerous land in search of their families. Their adventures are pretty hair-raising as they encounter not only deadly predators, but also all manner of environmental hazards. Youngsters will love the adorable critters, while adults can admire the eerie landscape of a past age.


A young brontosaurus is left alone when his mother dies, so goes off in search of a legendary valley, where food is plentiful and he will be safe. He acquires a group of new friends on his journey, who help each other to avoid predators and obstacles in their way. Animated adventure, featuring the voices of Gabriel Damon and Pat Hingle.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Fred Gwynne
Littlefoot Gabriel Damon
Littlefoot's mother Helen Shaver
Grandfather Bill Erwin
Cera Candice Houston
Rooter Pat Hingle
Daddy Topps Burke Barnes
Ducky Judith Barsi
Petrie Will Ryan
Director Don Bluth
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Available on: video and DVD
Drama Children's