Butterbox Babies

Butterbox Babies

Don McBrearty (1995)

15 Certificate


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A well-made and interesting drama based on the true story of Lila and William Young, who ran a maternity home/adoption service in Nova Scotia during the Depression. Portrayed as a haven for unmarried mothers to be, it was actually a front for illegal adoptions, and many of the babies died in mysterious circumstances and were buried in boxes from the local creamery in the garden of the home. Stars Susan Clark, Peter MacNeill and Michael Riley, under the direction of Don McBrearty, manage to portray events with the minimum of hysteria, never lapsing into melodrama, despite the more shocking aspects of the story.


Fact-based drama about a couple who founded a maternity home in Nova Scotia during the Depression, only for a determined health inspector to expose their good intentions as a front for such crimes as illegal adoption and medical malpractice. Starring Susan Clark, Peter MacNeill and Michael Riley.

Cast & Crew

Lila Young Susan Clark
William Young Peter MacNeill
Iris Catherine Fitch
Russell Cameron Michael Riley
Nurse Ann O'Dwyer Shannon Lawson
Clayton Oliver Nicholas Campbell
Mrs Chadway Corinne Conley
Dr Frank Davis Cedric Smith
Frederick Dan MacDonald
Eva Neiforth Mairon Bennett
Senator Danvers Chris Wiggins
Director Don McBrearty
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD