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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Drama
  • 2005
  • Mike Newell
  • 150 mins
  • 12A


The fourth instalment of JK Rowling's fantasy adventure franchise starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Ralph Fiennes. It's schoolboy wizard Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts and difficult times lie ahead. He's forced to risk his life after being mysteriously entered into the Triwizard Tournament in which representatives of three top schools compete in a series of dangerous tasks. But when tragedy strikes, Harry fears the worst. Could the evil Lord Voldemort really have returned?



A star rating of 4 out of 5.

As young wizard Harry Potter continues to mature, so too does this exciting fantasy franchise. This fourth instalment continues the dark and gritty atmosphere initiated by Prisoner of Azkaban, offering genuine scares alongside the customary magical mayhem. Now aged 14, Daniel Radcliffe's Potter faces the ultimate challenge after being mysteriously entered into the Triwizard Tournament - a prestigious affair in which representatives of three schools of wizardry compete in a series of life-threatening tasks. The imaginative tournament scenes more than compensate for Radcliffe's anaemic performance, featuring, among other treats, a brilliantly rendered CGI dragon and creepy mermaid creatures. Like Alfonso Cuarón before him, British director Mike Newell really stamps his mark on the movie, making Hogwarts seem like the most fabulous school ever. However, his vision is perhaps too frightening - and lengthy - for the under-12s, with a pupil's murder and Ralph Fiennes as Potter's evil nemesis, Lord Voldemort, adding particular intensity to events.

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Harry PotterDaniel Radcliffe
Ron WeasleyRupert Grint
Hermione GrangerEmma Watson
Alastor "Mad-Eye" MoodyBrendan Gleeson
Viktor KrumStanislav Ianevski
Cho ChangKatie Leung
Neville LongbottomMatthew Lewis
Cedric DiggoryRobert Pattinson
Fleur DelacourClémence Poésy
Rubeus HagridRobbie Coltrane
Lord VoldemortRalph Fiennes
Prof Albus DumbledoreMichael Gambon
Draco MalfoyTom Felton
Lucius MalfoyJason Isaacs
Sirius BlackGary Oldman
Prof Severus SnapeAlan Rickman
Prof Minerva McGonagallMaggie Smith
WormtailTimothy Spall
Igor Karkaroff Pedja Bjelac
Madame MaximeFrances de la Tour
Barty CrouchRoger Lloyd Pack
Rita SkeeterMiranda Richardson
Barty Crouch JrDavid Tennant
Mr Arthur WeasleyMark Williams
Amos DiggoryJeff Rawle
Moaning MyrtleShirley Henderson
Cornelius FudgeRobert Hardy
Argus FilchDavid Bradley (2)
Filius FlitwickWarwick Davis
Band lead singerJarvis Cocker
Band lead guitarJonny Greenwood
James PotterAdrian Rawlins
Lily PotterGeraldine Somerville
Frank BryceEric Sykes


DirectorMike Newell


Theatrical distributor
Warner Bros
Released on
May be edited for violence.
Available on
DVD and Blu-ray

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