Far East

Far East

John Duigan (1982)



Our Score
Director John Duigan (Flirting, Sirens) bit off more than he could chew with this excursion into the thriller genre. Clearly he aimed to explore the nature of post-colonial rule and the iniquities of expatriate opulence within a Casablanca-like framework. Unfortunately the romance between Koala Klub boss Bryan Brown and married good-time gal Helen Morse is so devoid of passion that you never begin to care what happens to them. When Morse's journalist husband (John Bell) gets into trouble it falls to his love rival to help him out, but it's hard to see why he would bother. Derivative, disappointing and dull.


Drama, starring Bryan Brown as a bar owner unexpectedly reunited with an old flame who needs his help finding her missing journalist husband. Also starring Helen Morse and John Bell.

Cast & Crew

Morgan Keefe Bryan Brown
Jo Reeves Helen Morse
Peter Reeves John Bell (1)
Rosita Constanza Raina McKeon
Rudolf DeCruz Henry Duval
Nene Sinan Leong
Walker Bill Hunter
Tony Alsop John Clayton
Director John Duigan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour