The Reading Room

The Reading Room

Georg Stanford Brown (2005)

PG Certificate


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James Earl Jones gives a dignified performance in this heartfelt but naive drama. He plays a wealthy, retired businessman who carries out his wife's dying wish by opening a free reading room in the crime-riddled neighbourhood where he grew up. Menacing gangbangers, arson, theft and illiteracy are among the problems that consequently come his way, transforming his library into a microcosm of depressed inner-city life. While the film is keen to touch on gritty issues, the solutions it offers are based more on idealism than reality. Nonetheless, the end result is warm and engaging despite its simplistic nature.


A wealthy retired businessman sets out to fulfil his wife's dying wish to create a free establishment where illiterate people from a deprived community can learn to read. However, despite his best intentions, social problems in the crime-riddled neighbourhood look set to threaten the project. Drama, starring James Earl Jones, Kathryne Dora Brown, Joanna Cassidy and Monique Coleman.

Cast & Crew

William Campbell James Earl Jones
Jillian Kathryne Dora Brown
Diana Weston Joanna Cassidy
Leesha Monique Coleman
Nick Adam Crosby
Ned Omar J Dorsey
Edgar Austin Noah Marques
Omar Christian Monzon
Principal Miguel Najera
Director Georg Stanford Brown
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour