The Day Will Dawn

The Day Will Dawn

Harold French (1942)

U Certificate


Our Score
Markedly less restrained than many other British tales of wartime resistance, this well-meaning flag-waver is far more effective than the majority of have-a-go Hollywood movies on the same theme. The story of a British journalist liaising with the Norwegian underground to help destroy a German U-boat base is merely par for the course - what sets this apart is a remarkable cast of British stalwarts, not one of whom puts a foot wrong. Special mention should be made, however, of Deborah Kerr, who lends quiet courage to an unrewarding romantic part, and Francis L Sullivan, who makes a most malevolent Nazi.


A foreign correspondent working in occupied Norway is assigned to an RAF detail helping freedom fighters to sabotage an important German U-boat installation. He enlists the help of a local sea captain's daughter, but the plan goes wrong and he ends up in enemy hands, facing death by firing squad. Second World War adventure, with Hugh Williams, Deborah Kerr and Ralph Richardson.

Cast & Crew

Lockwood Ralph Richardson
Kari Alstead Deborah Kerr
Colin Metcalfe Hugh Williams
Inspector Gunter Griffith Manes
Wettau Francis L Sullivan
Naval Attaché Roland Culver
Olaf Niall MacGinnis
Alstead Finlay Currie
McAllister Bernard Miles
Ingrid Patricia Medina
Director Harold French
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist LtdAvailable on: DVD