Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Marco Brambilla (1993)

15 Certificate


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This slick vision of the future comes pretty close to being Sylvester Stallone's best ever picture. Wisely keeping his tongue stuck firmly in his cheek, Stallone plays a tough cop whose unconventional methods land him in a cryogenic prison. Decades later, he is defrosted to hunt down an old sparring partner, the spectacularly psychopathic Wesley Snipes (complete with blond thatch), who has escaped from his deep frozen state and is creating havoc in the now crime-free Los Angeles (renamed San Angeles). The writers have a lot of fun sending up modern-day political correctness in this caring vision of the future - violence, red meat and sex are among the items on the banned list - and director Marco Brambilla delivers the goods when it comes to the all-important action set pieces. Of the supporting cast, Sandra Bullock has an early run at a role she would later perfect in Speed, Denis Leary gets to deliver one of his thinly disguised stand-up routines, while Nigel Hawthorne plays the doctor overseeing this 21st-century Utopia.


Maverick cop John Spartan is frozen alive in 1996 and held in cryonic suspension for a crime he did not commit. Decades into the future, the dictator of a seemingly utopian city unleashes a criminal psychopath against his political enemy - but he proves impossible to control, forcing the authorities to revive Spartan to defeat him. Sci-fi thriller, with Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock and Nigel Hawthorne.

Cast & Crew

John Spartan Sylvester Stallone
Simon Phoenix Wesley Snipes
Lenina Huxley Sandra Bullock
Dr Raymond Cocteau Nigel Hawthorne
Alfredo Garcia Benjamin Bratt
Chief George Earle Bob Gunton
Associate Bob Glenn Shadix
Edgar Friendly Denis Leary
Young Zachary Lamb Grand L Bush
Captain Healy Steve Kahan
Old Zachary Lamb Bill Cobbs
Erwin Rob Schneider
Director Marco Brambilla
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: Violence, swearing and nudity. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Comedy