The Dentist

The Dentist

Brian Yuzna (1996)

18 Certificate


Our Score
A gory oral scare-fest from director Brian Yuzna, the producer of Re-Animator, which goes beyond the Marathon Man cringe factor. Corbin Bernsen plays the Beverly Hills dentist who goes murderously crazy when his professional and private lives stop conforming to his impossibly high standards. As paranoia sets in, he fights the moral decay contaminating his world with the sharp tools of his trade. The dental torture that follows is both grisly and hilariously funny, and slyly sent up by Bernsen, who's on wacky villainous form. The Dentist II is even better.


A Beverly Hills dentist leads a seemingly blessed life, with a successful practice, an opulent house and a beautiful wife. However, when he learns she is having an affair, he is driven insane by visions of decay that cause him to inflict sadistic torture on his helpless patients. Horror, starring Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman and Michael Stadvec.

Cast & Crew

Dr Feinstone Corbin Bernsen
Brooke Linda Hoffman
Jessica Molly Hagan
Detective Gibbs Ken Foree
Sarah Virginya Keehne
Karen Patty Toy
Candy Jan Hoag
April Reign Christa Sauls
Detectice Sunshine Tony Noakes
Marvin Goldblum Earl Boen
Matt Michael Stadvec
Steve Landers Mark Ruffalo
Director Brian Yuzna
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD