Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks!

Tim Burton (1996)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Little green men from the angry red planet launch a flying-saucer attack on Earth in director Tim Burton's slow-starting space oddity, based on a bubble-gum card storyline from the 1960s. In both a tribute to and a spoof of 1950s B-movies, Burton stumbles as many times as he succeeds in playing with the back catalogue of lurid pulp sci-fi references. But once the computer-generated bug-eyed Martians arrive and strut their evil stuff, this daffy Independence Day lampoon comes alive. Among an amazing roster of stars, Pierce Brosnan is hilarious as a presidential adviser and Lisa Marie is weirdly creepy as a disguised alien temptress.



Cast & Crew

President James Dale / Art Land Jack Nicholson
Marsha Dale Glenn Close
Barbara Land Annette Bening
Donald Kessler Pierce Brosnan
Rude gambler Danny DeVito
Jerry Ross Martin Short
Nathalie Lake Sarah Jessica Parker
Jason Stone Michael J Fox
General Decker Rod Steiger
Tom Jones Tom Jones (2)
Richie Norris Lukas Haas
Taffy Dale Natalie Portman
Byron Williams Jim Brown
Martian girl Lisa Marie
Grandma Norris Sylvia Sidney
General Casey Paul Winfield
Louise Williams Pam Grier
Glenn Norris Joe Don Baker
Sharona Christina Applegate
French president Barbet Schroeder
Dr Zeigler Jerzy Skolimowski
Director Tim Burton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Language and violence. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray
Drama Comedy