Ericson Core (2006)

PG Certificate


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It may have won the MTV Movie Award for best kiss (between Mark Wahlberg and Elizabeth Banks), but there's little else to commend this by-the-numbers American football biopic from cinematographer-turned-director Ericson Core. In a lifeless and sanitised whitewash, Vince Papale (Wahlberg) is the Rocky-like underdog, plucked from unemployed obscurity in the mid-1970s, and offered a chance to play with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles by incoming rookie coach Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear). The publicity stunt was devised to make disgusted locals engage more with their consistently losing football team. Wahlberg does a reasonable job capturing his famous character's modest decency and he's assisted by nice period detail, good soundtrack selections and decent support from Banks (as his spunky love interest) and a magnetic Kinnear. But it's the unexpectedly downbeat ending and lack of any real sports action that drains the clichéd inspirational message clean away.


A down-on-his-luck barman is having a hard time coping after his wife leaves him and he loses his teaching job. His fortunes turn around when the American football team he has supported all his life holds open trials and, against all odds, he wins a place on the squad. Fact-based sporting drama, starring Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear and Elizabeth Banks.

Cast & Crew

Vince Papale Mark Wahlberg
Dick Vermeil Greg Kinnear
Janet Cantrell Elizabeth Banks (2)
Frank Papale Kevin Conway
Max Cantrell Michael Rispoli
Tommy Kirk Acevedo
Johnny Dov Davidoff
Pete Michael Kelly (2)
TJ Banks Nicoye Banks
Director Ericson Core
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Contains mild language.Available on: DVD