Howard Hawks (1932)

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The greatest gangster movie of the 1930s - and that means the greatest ever. It was produced by Howard Hughes who told director Howard Hawks to make it "as realistic, as exciting, as grisly as possible". Hawks happily obliged, though Hollywood's moral watchdog, the Hays Office, interfered throughout the shooting and later insisted the ending was softened and a subtitle was added -Shame of the Nation. The story is a thinly disguised biography of Al Capone, with Paul Muni as Tony Camonte, a monster who lusts after his own sister, Ann Dvorak, yet whose business acumen embodies the American Dream. Hawks saw it as the Borgias in Chicago and it's filled with moments that define the gangster genre - terrific shoot-outs, psychotic characters and George Raft spinning a coin. Eighty years after it was made, Scarface remains a bracingly violent and subversive tragicomedy that says crime pays and that mowing people down is fun. It was famously remade by Brian De Palma in 1983.


Gangland thug Tony Camonte betrays and murders his boss in a plot with a rival gangster, and seizes control of the dead mobster's territory. His ambition knows no bounds and he sets out to take complete control of the Chicago underworld, making enemies on both sides of the law. Howard Hawks' thriller, starring Paul Muni and Ann Dvorak.

Cast & Crew

Tony Camonte Paul Muni
Cesca Camonte Ann Dvorak
Poppy Karen Morley
Johnny Lovo Osgood Perkins
Inspector Guarino C Henry Gordon
Guino Rinaldo George Raft
Angelo Vince Barnett
Gaffney Boris Karloff
Man on bed Howard Hawks
Director Howard Hawks
Co-Director Richard Rosson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteGuidance: Violence, some swearingAvailable on: video