JK Rowling reveals one of her Harry Potter characters was almost called Gary

It just feels wrong...


Even years after the last Harry Potter book came out, it turns out we STILL don’t know everything about the world of the Boy Who Lived – because JK Rowling just revealed that one of the book’s characters originally had a completely different name.


Now, we had some idea that Rowling had tried a few different monikers out for her characters before the final versions – Hermione’s surname was originally supposed to be Puckle instead of Granger, for example – but we had no idea that any of them ended up changing quite as drastically as the original name for Gryffindor student Dean Thomas, who the author revealed yesterday was originally called “Gary” after responding to a fan confused about one of her early sketches for the book series.

Apparently Rowling decided to change the name to honour an old acquaintance, and Gryffindor history was made.

Alfred Enoch as Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films


Just don’t be surprised if an AWFUL lot of fan-fictions about the “lost” Hogwarts character Gary start springing up over the coming months…