What is the X Factor 2011 big twist?

Vote in our high-level scientific poll ahead of Saturday's reveal...

The live finals of The X Factor 2011 are almost upon us – and there’s going to be a “BIG TWIST”! But what is it?


Last year four wildcard candidates took the number of finalists from 12 to 16. Sadly, there was still no place for Gamu Nhengu. But in 2011, there are already 16 finalists. Surely the producers won’t pull the same trick again?  Even with the whopping two-and-a-half-hour slot ITV1 have reserved, they’d struggle to fit 20 contestants in along with all the hype.

The more excitable fans are hoping for the sensational return of Cheryl Cole. Or how about Simon Cowell appearing? Maybe Jade Richards will be reinstated, or perhaps Tulisa will form yet another group out of the few rejects left unaccounted for.

The possibilities are literally endless. So have your say in our high-level scientific poll!  We’ll send the winning answer to Simon Cowell’s people. Who knows? It might just happen on Saturday night*.


*it won’t happen on Saturday night.