Viewers loved Harry Styles as a terrible bingo caller in his BBC special

None of the winners at the elderly care home fancied his debut album as a prize...

Harry Styles at the BBC (BBC, EH)

Harry Styles tried his hand at bingo calling in his BBC special with Nick Grimshaw last night. He wasn’t very good, but it was rather heartwarming nonetheless.


The former One Direction singer stopped by an elderly care home to chair the afternoon’s game, and while there seemed to be initial confusion as to who he was, he won them over along the way.

“I thought he was rather dishy”, said one of the ladies. Check out a clip below:

While he was unable to pawn off his debut album as a bingo prize, the segment was popular amongst his many devotees on Twitter who had tuned into the special.


Harry Styles at the BBC is available on BBC iPlayer