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Shaun Ryder on UFOs, scientology, and kids making corn circles after sniffing glue

As part of a new HISTORY TV show, the Happy Mondays frontman travels the globe in search of aliens. Here, he tells about his close encounters, and shares his strong views... logo
Published: Tuesday, 22nd October 2013 at 12:30 pm

After appearing on I'm a Celebrity... Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder has got a taste for TV. He’s due to star in his very own HISTORY series about UFOs (from November 10) and will travel from the forests of England to the Andes in Chile, to get eyewitness accounts and evidence of otherworldly happenings. We spoke to Shaun ahead of the show…


Have you always been interested in UFOs?

Oh yeah, I’ve always been mad. I’ve always been off me head.

What got you into the subject?

As a 15-year-old kid, I was walking to the bus stop one morning, I was the messenger boy at the Post Office and it was about 6.30am. I saw this light in the sky, which was flashing about all over the place making very sharp z movements. Then it stood there for a minute and then shot off at about 10,000 miles an hour, so that sort of got me into it.

So you’ve actually seen a UFO?

Oh I’ve seen more than one.

Did you see any while filming your new show?

No. But we got some pretty interesting film from the military, which shows something flying in and out of the fighter jets at a military show. We got some other [footage] that looks like something out of Star Wars, wearing Star Wars helmets, coming out of a cloud on what looks like Pogo Sticks. They then realise they are being filmed and go back upto the cloud and disappear.

How did the idea for the show come about?

There were all sorts of ideas being thrown around about me doing reality stuff and I said I’d like to make something that I’m interested in, so it was either doing something on training shoes or do something on UFOs.

Tell us what actually happened while filming?

Well I get to meet a bunch of people, some of them are pretty mad. I wanted to meet the scientists and physicists as well as all the nutty people and get to grips with what’s really going on out there.

Would you say there’s definitely other life in the universe?

Of course there’s life in the universe, absolutely. Saying that there’s no life in the universe is like saying you could fall off the end of the world.

Yes science has come a long way, we’re already signing people up for one-way tickets to Mars, and they’ll leave in 2022. Would you ever sign up for something like that?

No not at all, I wouldn’t take a one-way ticket to Mars. I’d love to go to Mars but I certainly wouldn’t be doing a one-way ticket. There’s other stuff I want to do, I want to do my kids birthdays and Christmas.

UFO enthusiasts are often lumped in with groups like scientologists, what’s your view on scientology?

It’s a load of bollocks, really. Considering that there are some very very clever people that believe in scientology, you have to ask: what is it? It was started by a science fiction writer, who was a taxi driver in the 1950s. One of the things they believe is that there is life in the universe, and that’s great, but some of the other stuff they go for is not my bag. Why these very clever and very rich people are into scientology is a mystery to me.

What can people learn from your show on UFOs?

That we’re not on our own in the universe – which is pretty obvious.

I know a guy who was paid to make crop circles by a farmer when he was a kid, what’s you’re view on crop circles, do you believe some of the conspiracy theories?

I do believe that some crop circles are made by a bunch of kids who’ve been sniffing glue, who have been paid by farmers to do it. I also believe that some crop circles probably aren’t, they’re just too technical.

What was the best place you discovered on your travels during the show?

Chile – it was amazing. The military and government aren’t very welcoming in the UK and America, they just tell you to get out and they don’t want to speak to you. But in Chile they are very open.

What do the rest of the Happy Mondays think about your UFO adventures, are they all believers too?

Yeah we’re all believers, all the rest of the lads know that we’re not the only life in the universe. We all have slightly different opinions on things, but we’re all of the same mindset that we’re not alone in the universe and this planet is being visited by intelligent life.

What should we expect from the upcoming UK Happy Mondays tour this November?

It’s the 25th year of the making of the album Bummed, so the whole purpose is to play Bummed from start to finish.

Shaun Ryder on UFOs airs on Nov 10 on HISTORY



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