Seven-year-old music critic grills X Factor’s Tulisa

Watch no-nonsense Emy interview the N-Dubz singer, and get a scoop...

I don’t know about you, but when I was seven I don’t think I even knew what a critic was.


However, instead of giving Barbie haircuts or watching Fun House on TV like I was, this spirited seven-year-old is already a fully fledged, and sometimes quite scathing, music journalist…

Emy reviews music for Noisey, a music website curated by VICE. “They promised me if I review five weird songs I’ll get to meet my hero,” says Emy. And so, after reviewing five “rubbish hipster” tracks, Emy finally got to meet her favourite pop star, Tulisa.

“I bet she’s going to be excited to meet me,” declares Emy before whipping out her journalist’s microphone.

Cheeky Emy munches sweets and keeps her favourite pop star waiting before she starts asking questions like “How do you get so pretty?” and “What were you like when you were seven?”

The super confident little girl even manages to get an N-Dubz exclusive. During the interview, Tulisa confirms an N-Dubz live comeback, saying: “We are going to bring out new music and do shows, but it won’t be, maybe, for another two years.”

And Tulisa’s not the only star this tiny journalist has got to meet. Emy recently spent a day in an adventure playground chatting to Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, where she told him she was disappointed in his lack of facial hair because “people who sing normally have moustaches”.

Emy, who professes that she is “famous on the internet”, regularly reviews tracks along with other opinionated and painfully cute kids. In hilarious videos the adorable mini-critics are instructed to pass their brutally honest judgement on new releases.


When reviewing Radiohead’s Paranoid Android, Emy and her band of tots concluded a particularly negative review by saying: “I think he should cheer up by listening to N-Dubz”, “I don’t think he’s got any friends” and “I think people just pretend they like it to make them cool”. Oh dear…