Rihanna has now spent more time than the Beatles at number 1 in the US charts

The Barbabian singer just surpassed the Fab Four to slip into second place in the all-time records


While the Beatles may be considered music royalty, but they’ve just been overtaken by a certain pop princess.


On this week’s Billboard Hot 100 – the US music charts – Rihanna officially surpassed the Beatles to notch up the second highest number of weeks spent at number 1 by an artist or artists totalling up all their hits. With her single Work, featuring rapper Drake, currently top of the charts, Rihanna has now spent 60 weeks in the top spot.

Mariah Carey remains the queen of the charts, having spent a whopping 79 weeks on top.


While Rihanna’s newest single has been performing exceptionally well, it would have to remain at Number 1 until the end of August to dethrone Ms Carey. Which would be very good Work indeed.