Suffering from Serial withdrawal? So is the rest of the internet…

Sarah Koenig's podcast investigating the murder of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed has gripped listeners across the globe

Serial is over, for now at least. After 12 episodes of Sarah Koenig and her team’s investigative journalism and terrific storytelling, the podcast examining the real-life murder conviction of Adnan Syed reached an end. Well, sort of – because real life rarely has a neat ending.


We’ll probably never know exactly what happened on the afternoon of 13th January 1999 when Baltimore teenager Hae Min Lee was murdered. Is Adnan’s memory loss genuine? Is there more to Jay’s involvement than he’s letting on? Was it someone else behind the killing? And was there or was there not a pay phone in the Best Buy parking lot?

Whatever your thoughts on yesterday’s conclusion, we’re united in one thing: we want more. And more we’ll get, although it’s likely to be a long wait until the new case next year – and Twitter is not happy about it.

As the final episode finally found its way onto the internet, we all tried – and failed – to hide our excitement:

There were cereal parties because everyone loves a good pun.

And – as we all suspected – there was no ‘big reveal’, something Twitter was sort of ok with…

We all have a lot of unanswered questions.

Here’s a copy of Sarah’s very first email exchange with Adnan’s friend Rabia all the way back in August 2013…

Let’s just hope they never went for coffee:

For those suffering withdrawal symptoms, check out this Funny or Die spoof of the final episode:

But let’s not forget who the real winner of Serial is…

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Serial will return some time in 2015. If you haven’t already listened to the series, you can download the podcast here