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Noel Gallagher donates Don't Look Back In Anger profits to Manchester charity

The Oasis star had received a string of abuse from his brother Liam for not attending the One Love Manchester concert

Published: Wednesday, 7th June 2017 at 7:06 am

Despite what his brother may want us to think, it seems that Noel Gallagher’s heart was in the right place all along. Days after receiving criticism for missing Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester benefit concert, it's been reported that the Oasis songwriter has donated profits from his song Don’t Look Back In Anger to the victims of the attack on 22 May.


Manchester’s Radio X DJ Gordon Smart spoke out in defence of the Mancunian rocker, announcing that he had organised the charity payments long before the gig on Sunday evening.

“It’s only right to point out”, Smart told his listeners, “and I don’t think this is public knowledge because I’m sure he would never [have] mentioned it, but I found out today that as soon as Don’t Look Back In Anger started to appear spontaneously at the vigils, he made sure all the royalties went to the families. That was before any gig was mentioned.”

In the days leading up to the concert last Sunday evening, rumours had swirled of an Oasis reunion.

Liam Gallagher turned up on the night, performing Live Forever with Coldplay, but Noel was nowhere to be seen. Liam then seized the opportunity on Monday morning to reignite their long-standing feud, tweeting: "Noels out of the f***ing country weren't we all love get on a f***ing plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad f***".

When a fan questioned what this meant for the reunion, he responded: "F*** the reunion mate it ain't about oasis it's about people helping other people and he's once again shown his true f***ing colours".

Coldplay’s Chris Martin then came out in defense of the talented Gallagher brother, tweeting the following:


It doesn't look like we'll be seeing that Oasis reunion any time soon.


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