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MC Hammer: I'm proud of my trousers

Stop! It's Hammer Time all over again... As the star returns to give today's musicians advice on ITV2, he talks to about his most embarrassing moment, those trousers, and a major new announcement

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Published: Thursday, 19th December 2013 at 9:43 am

Come on, you knew he was 2 legit 2 quit. MC Hammer, famous for his worldwide ultra-smash hit U Can’t Touch This, is back to help you become a star.


In MC Hammer’s Big Shot Academy on ITV2, he scours the internet for the best, worst and most embarrassing musical performances. Talking to, he explained why the super dope homeboy from Oaktown can offer today’s stars advice.

“I’ve been entertaining for about 25 years and performing for over 40, and have touched every aspect of music, from idea to production to performance. I figure I’ve got a pretty good resume.”

Not all of the clips are inspiring. In one, Harry Styles gets a shoe thrown at his crotch. But what was the most embarrassing moment in Hammer’s career?

“Well one time I had Magic Johnson, Janet Jackson and the who’s who of LA at one of my shows. I leaped off this very high position and actually went through the floor. The stage broke. But I just pulled myself up and finished the routine. It could have been embarrassing but it wasn’t, because I made it look like it was all a part of the show.”

Now that’s showmanship, but really? He’s not embarrassed by those voluminous trousers, the infamous parachute pants that looked like they could bring a space shuttle in for landing?

“Let me answer the question like this: look at the Gucci site and look at their version 2012-2013 of Hammer pants. Look at the Christian Dior Homme site, they have their version of Hammer pants. Of your top designers, there’s at least five that have Hammer pants in their current collection. Everybody from Sierra to, Justin Bieber to Beyoncé, all wore versions of Hammer pants in the last twelve months. So am I proud of them? Absolutely.”

So what’s next for MC Hammer, any music projects coming up?

“Keep your eyes peeled over the holidays. Between now and Christmas you’ll see me introduce one project, then maybe on New Year’s Eve I’ll let out another one.”

Break it down: what will it involve?

“It’s music and performance.”

Any duets, who will he be working with?

“It’s music and performance.”

Fair enough, at least fans won’t have to wait long for their next dose of Hammer Time. Now, just for a minute let’s all do the bump:

Even after all these years, Hammer is untouchable.


MC Hammer’s Big Shot Academy, Thursday 19 December at 9pm on ITV2


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